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Maxine's Books

Pool Cats

POOL CATS tells the adventures of ten endearing community cats who live in harmony at a condo pool. There they enjoy stretching out on the lounge chairs, climbing the waterfall, and hiding in the bushes. While some of the residents love them, they are merely tolerated by others. So, what will happen when their caretaker is gone? Both children and parents will enjoy the delightful illustrations and the whimsical often humorous rhymes in this story about the true nature of cats - highly independent, self-reliant, but also affectionate, and lovable. 


The Story of Daphne the Duck

Make way for Daphne, a Muscovy duck in Florida, who wants to lay her eggs in a safe place. She discovers a flowerpot on a fifth floor balcony of a building near her pond. There she decides to nest even though it’s far away from her mate, Drake. Each day she lays an egg and returns to the pond. After twelve days her time in the pot grows longer, and one day after a scary encounter with a crow, she stays all night. She misses Drake whom she’s eager to see, but she patiently waits for her ducklings to hatch. When they’re only a day old, she manages to get them off the balcony and flee a stalking cat, but will they reach the pond? Written in cadence with humor and charm and illustrated with warm, lush watercolors, this book for all ages is about a mother’s love and her wish to protect her brood. Join Daphne on this exciting adventure based on a real life experience.


The SCHREIBERS: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

In the fall of 2011, oil painter, Maxine Schreiber, was invited to do two solo father/daughter exhibitions in South Florida. The two shows inspired her to publish a book containing twenty of her lush landscapes and twenty-one of her deceased dad’s masterful pastels. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Herman Schreiber graduated in 1934 from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. An artist who used pastels exclusively, he was a traditionalist and a disciple of the “School of Ultra Realistic Painting.” During his lifetime he won numerous awards. Maxine Schreiber, a member of the National Association of Women Artists, is well known in Florida where she exhibits her work. Though it contains all of the rich material of the original book, this Second Edition is a smaller version, which makes it available and affordable for all those who appreciate fine art.

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